Senior Citizen

Senior Citizen

The increase in the life span that has been possible due to up gradation brought
about in medical science, has created a new problem. Now we have so many
senior citizens everywhere and their number is increasing day by day. It is
estimated that by 2010, we shall be having about 11 per cent of our population in
the category of senior citizens.

Any person who has attained the age of 60 (65 in some fields) is regarded as a
senior citizen. The age of retirement in most of government and private offices
and units is 60. When a person is retired, it implies that he or she is no longer able
to do any strenuous work.

Although senior citizens cannot do strenuous work, they have other merits. They
are highly experienced persons and can guide the young people on the right path.
They can tell them the secrets of success in life and pitfalls that may be there.
Sometimes these Senior Citizens gets irritable because of lack of energy and ill-
health. Others should learn to bear with them. They themselves should also try to
speak less and adjust themselves with changed circumstances.

They should keep themselves busy in some light exercise or hobby such as
morning and evening walks, gardening, reading, social services, social gatherings,
etc. They should also ensure financial independence. They should avoid should
also cooperate with them fully.

They must be given adequate facilities and aid in the matter of healthcare and
medical treatment by the Govt. / Company / Organisations because these Senior
citizens have paid Tax for full of their life for their nation and the company /
Organisation. They should also be given a reasonable amount every month as old
age pension. In case of any trouble, problem or complaint, they must be heard by
the authorities on priority basis.